“The Flood” by Emile Zola

Emile Zola is considered to be the most important representative of the literary school of Naturalism or Realism. In this story, which is thrilling to the very end, his literary theme is the helplessness of human beings and their dependence upon the unpredictable and indomitable forces of nature.
The genre of Realism is expressed around the world, in art, literature, and music, exposing the raw, naked, factual truths of life.
Anton Chekhov, an early adopter of Realism, employed cynicism and social commentary about the destructive forces of all-powerful institutions, usually with ironic twist endings (satire can be helpful when coping with suppression and fear).
But what I love about this story is the “Man vs Nature and you haven’t got a chance” message. I think we are all feeling that way at the moment, as nature seems to be punishing us for our careless disrespect of her.

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